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What's the attraction? Pulleys and What Not!


Experience the forces and energy involved in Science with this workshop full of informative and fun activities.

Find out how the science experiments in this workshop affect us in everyday life. A practical 2 hour workshop about science for those working with children and young people.


To introduce participants to Science with hands on experiments on the themes of Gravity, Forces and Motion, Friction, Swinging and Spinning and Lifting Loads.

Participants will:

  • Understand how to plan and prepare for each experiment.
  • Understand how each experiment works and how this fits in with everyday life.
  • Describe the benefits that each experiment has on our World.

Subjects Covered

  • Parachute - explains how the use of a parachute slows down the pulling force gravity
  • Moon & tides - shows the effect the Moon has on Earth
  • Gravitational pull - to explain the size and distance that planets are away from the Sun
  • Rocket launch - to explain ,motion, action and explains Newton's third law of motion.
  • Hovercraft - to explain how Centripetal force can keep water in a bucket.
  • Gears & pulleys - explains different ways to lift a weight

Suitable For

Playworkers and Childcare workers


Free Membership