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Training Description
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Playing Out with the Elements


Experience fun activities all based around the elements in the outside enviroment. A practical one day course in outdoor  play for those working with children  and young people.

A one day (6 hour) workshop in a training centre or a 2 hour workshop delivered in a club.


This workshop trains playworkers in outdoor environments and in the workplace, introducing participants to the elements of earth, air, fire and water as stimuli for children's play

Participants will:

  • Plan and prepare for children's outdoor play with the elements of earth, air, fire and water
  • Learn the concept of affordance in relation to playing with the elements
  • Describe the benefits and barriers to providing outdoor play with the Elements
  • Experience how to do a risk - benefit assessment on children's outdoor play opportunities

Subjects Covered

  • Playing outdoors memories 
  • Earth - the importance of direct experience of the elements
  • Fire - the importance of challenge and risk-taking outdoors
  • Air - the importance of imagination and fantasy play outdoors
  • Water - the importance of free play and flexible playwork
  • Changing barriers to positives in outside play
  • Affordance and Springboards
  • Loose Parts Theory
  • Risk-benefit assessment

Suitable For

Playworkers and childcare workers


Free Membership